Dr. Daniela Garbo MD, DDS, MSc, Specialist in Orthodontics

Orthodontics in Stage IV periodontitis patients: when and how perform our treatment.

Patients with stage 4 periodontitis are characterized by severely reduced periodontal support, tooth loss and pathologic tooth migration, causing poor occlusal stability, inadequate masticatory function, difficulties in finalizing the prosthetic restauration and aesthetic impairment.

Orthodontics is often necessary to finalize the treatment by aligning prosthetic abutment, creating ideal space for implant restorations, reducing overbite and overjet, improving aesthetic and occlusion, while trying to maintain the natural dentition of the patient after periodontal therapy.

Patients with severely reduced periodontium undergoing orthodontic treatment need clear definitions of treatment goals and timing of the different therapeutic steps, as well as careful planning of biomechanics, appliance design and retention phase.

A thorough interdisciplinary treatment plan should be performed with definition of all the aspects of treatment, including precise steps and timing of the different interventions performed by the practitioners involved.

Furthermore, orthodontics should be performed in a healthy periodontium following step 1-2-3 of periodontal treatment, combined with close maintenance and monitoring of periodontal health throughout the treatment.

According to scientific evidence and 20 years of clinical experience we will analyze indications, goals and limitations to allow a safe and successful orthodontic treatment of periodontal patient.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

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