Concept of Adult Orthodontics – with Views by Patients and Orthodontists


What is the demand for adult orthodontics – patients’ view? What is the need for adult orthodontics – orthodontists’ view?  What are the differences – if any – between assessments of adults’ demand and orthodontists’ need for orthodontic treatment? General reasons for orthodontic treatment are esthetics, functional, psychological or combinations hereof. In management of adult patients orthodontists might consider various clinical options, such as, no treatment, ‘growth modification’, alignment, camouflage treatment, and orthognathic surgery. Treatment could last for a couple of months up to a few years, carried out by orthodontists only, or in multi-disciplinary fashion, with a team of general dentist and/or dental/medical specialists. In adults with mutilated dentitions orthodontics might be an integrated part of the overall treatment. How is quality of life affected by malocclusion,  actual orthodontic treatment, and treatment outcome? The lecture is clinically orientated and based on research also from our group.

Urban Hagg, Emeritus and Honorary Professor, The University of Hong Kong

DDS, Cert Orthodontics, Odont Dr, Associate Professor, Postgraduate Program Director University of Lund, Sweden; Chair Professor, Postgraduate Program Director, Associate Dean, The University of Hong Kong; Guest/Visiting Professor: Peking Medical University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, West China University of Medical Sciences, Wuhan University, Fourth Military University; Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 (Chinese Orthodontic Society); Sheldon Friel Memorial Lecture 2010 (European Orthodontic Society); Fellowship ad hominem RCSEd 2001; Member of Angle Society of Orthodontists (USA);, Published 18 book chapters and 240 papers. Research interests: Growth and Development; Growth Modification; Quality of Life, Treatment Need, Treatment and Treatment Outcome.