Class III treatment  – differential diagnosis, challenges and evidence-based treatment concepts

Class III is one of the most difficult mallocclusions to treat and maintain the treatment results.Different etiologic factors effect  the development of this mallocclusion but heredity is generally accepted as the most important one.

Conventional diagnostic tools like cephalometry , standard profile and facial photographs  still constitude the key tools that are effectively  used for     the diagnosis; along with the three dimensional diagnostic tools that has begun to be used widely in the recent years.

Treatment options are various and they change in accordance with the age ,severity and the morphology of the mallocclusion.

Retention treatment is planned according to the treatment modality and the skeletal age of the patient.

In this presentation; the etiology and  diagnosis of skeletal Class III mallocclusion will be briefly addressed ,along with the discussion of the different,conventional  tretment protocols like TAD’s supported Class III treatment and the Archwise Distracton for the treatment of severe skeletal situations on some treated cases.

Prof. Dr. Nejat Erverdi

Dr. Nejat Erverdi graduated in 1981 from Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in Ankara . He started his postgraduate education at the Department of Orthodontics of the same faculty and completed his PhD program in 1985. For the military service, Dr. Erverdi attended the Military Postgraduate Education Center in Istanbul and completed his military service as an educator. In 1987 he joined the Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics as a lecturer. In 1988 he became Assistant Professor; in 1989 he passed the exam and became Associate Professor. In 1994 he became a full Professor. Dr. Erverdi is the head of the Department of Orthodontics between 1988-2006. He is one of the founders of the Turkish Orthodontic Society. Since 2000 he is serving as a Council member of the European Orthodontic Society.  In 2003 he was accepted as the full member to the North Atlantic Component of the Edward Angle Society. He is the author of over 100 articles in local and international journals and seven international book chapters. He was the president of the IXth International Symposium on Dentofacial Development and Function in October 2002.He was elected as the president of the European Orthodontic Society for the year of 2011.He was the president of EOS congress which was held in June 2011 in İstanbul.His book about Archwise Distraction Osteogenesis was published by Springer company in the year of 2014.He is still investigating and writing about Archwise Distraction Osteogenesis and cleft palate treatment