The link between craniofacial growth and clinical orthodontics.

This presentation will be divided into two parts:

The first part will be a comprehensive report on craniofacial development from early childhood to adulthood The presentation will be based on the growth studies of Björk, Solow and Coben, furthermore, recent CBCT investigations will be included. Different superimposition methods will be demonstrated.

It will be demonstrated how the primarily genetic determined growth of the cranial base and mandibular condyle is linked to growth of the alveolar process and tooth eruption.

An important aim is to clarify which components can be influenced by orthodontic and orthopedic forces.

Different growth patterns, together with how to evaluate the way in which the different growth components influence the final craniofacial morphology, will be discussed.

The second part of the presentation will be based on clinical orthodontics.

Emphasis will be on the importance of making thorough diagnosis and how knowledge of craniofacial growth is an important tool that should be used in treatment planning.

A further aim will be to show how the dentoalveolar compensatory mechanism is the link between craniofacial growth and orthodontics and by understanding this concept orthodontic treatment can become more efficient and less invasive, because treatment will be with biology instead of against it.

Educational objectives.

After the presentation the participants will:

Have knowledge of craniofacial growth, based on scientific research.

Understand the link between tooth eruption and growth of the alveolar process.

Understand which growth components can be influenced during orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Karin Binner Becktor



DDS: University of Copenhagen 1990

Orthodontist: University of Copenhagen 1998

Visiting clinician: Mayo Clinic Rochester, USA 2000

Beni Solow Award for best published paper 2002

Ph.D: University of Copenhagen 2004

Active Member Angle Society of Europe 2014

Postgraduate course in Cranio-Mandibular function 2014

Consulting Orthodontist, University Hospital, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen 2004-2013

Private practise limited to orthodontics and oral surgery since 2001